• An Exuberant Celebration of the American Coast

    May 2021

    The Martha's Vineyard Mirror #1250

  •  Peaceable Kingdom mirror #1188 an original Carol Canner design

    Peaceable Kingdom

    January 2021

    Peaceable Kingdom

    Inspired by Edward Hicks's paintings, this beautiful mirror with a sculpted relief is an original Carol Canner design for Carvers Guild. The piece is hand painted and gilded. The Peaceable Kingdom of Isaiah 11:6-8 prophesied that wild and domesticated animals will reside in peace and harmony and be led by a young child. The 19th Century artist and Quaker minister, Edward Hicks, painted almost 100 versions of Isaiah’s prophecy. Carol Canner inspired by Edward Hick’s peaceful visions has created a bar relief and twig surround mirror of this timely theme, The Peaceable Kingdom.

  • High Point Market Fall 2014

    October 18-23, 2014

    We invite you to join us at Market Square Space 138 October 18-23, 2014

    Visit us at Market Square Space 138 October 18-23, 2014


    October 2012

    The Ritz Carlton Magazine

    Carol Canner’s award winning sculpture The New Wave has a very lively double wave surround and a scrolling cresting top. Little openings between the waves suggest fish as the mirror peeks through. Finished in the Ritz Carlton Magazine in Sterling Silver it also is available in Gold Leaf and Painted finishes.


    APRIL 25 - 30, 2009

    Space 138, Market Square, Highpoint NC

    Please visit our showroom on the first floor of Market Square next to Sammy Gs restaurant. Telephone 336-889-4337. See Carol's latest designs. Pictured here is her 2008 Spring Market Introduction Sea Horses and Starfish.