Glass Options

Many of our frames are available with either plain glass or beveled glass.

We also offer MERCURY GLASS, which is manufactured in house. The price for mercury glass is calculated by the square foot. We offer a choice of three variations on plain or convex glass. Please note — we do not offer the mercury effect on beveled glass.

  • OLD MERCURY -– The mirrored surface is a little spoiled and pitted more heavily around the edges than in the center – a light subtle effect.

  • ANTIQUE MERCURY –- The mirrored surface is spoiled, pitted and smoked -– more decorative than “Old Mercury”, but still functional.

  • ANCIENT MERCURY -– The mirrored surface is spoiled, heavily pitted and darkly smoked to give a marbleized effect -– appropriate for small decorative pieces.

Note: Mercury was used to plate the back of looking glasses until the early 1800’s when mercury was replaced by silver to create the reflective surface. Our mercury glass is an excellent imitation of the aged mercury glass but we use silver as our plating material, not mercury.

Customizaton Options

We have a limited capacity to customize our designs. Please be advised that customization is expensive and time consuming. All custom orders must be pre-paid before production starts. For more information and price quotes please fax all customization requests to the factory.