Hand-painting the Gilded Age Trumeau

Our Process

Few products on the market are as labor intensive as a Carvers' Guild mirror. Each one is hand made and finished to our customer's specifications in our 19th Century Mill building in West Groton, MA. Like the Guild's of yore, Carvers' Guild is composed of several different craft shops, each one made up of skilled artisans who take years to master their crafts. Working together, each shop fulfills a necessary step in the production of a Carvers’ Guild mirror.

Our casting department uses a hand-poured casting technique with wood, wire work, and resin, producing three dimensional reproductions that are as lively and detailed as the originals. Our finishers have mastered our hand-laid gold leaf finish involving 15 steps and taking over two weeks to complete. Our Versailles finish involves over 9 different painting steps in addition to gold leafing. Even our shipping department custom cuts each box for each piece, ensuring the least breakage possible in shipping.

Sculpting, sanding, casting, etching, spotting, scratching, antiquing, leafing, painting, woodworking and more, the artisans of Carvers’ Guild carefully fashion each mirror creating pieces of enduring beauty and many satisfied customers.