Purchasing Carvers’ Guild Decorative Mirrors

Conditions of Sale - To the Trade Only

FOB Factory, W. Groton Ma/NET 30 days

Ordering - To the Trade Only

A minimum order is $3,750 retail. ORDERS UNDER THE MINIMUM WILL INCLUDE A PROCESSING CHARGE OF 10%. If you order 3 or more mirrors you may save both the processing charge and on the cost of shipping per mirror.

Custom work, including resizing,altering, custom colors and finishes require payment in full in advance of production for all customers. No estimated ship time will be given on custom finishing or custom sizing or altering. Expect a significant upcharge for such work. We reserve the right to not quote on custom work requests.

Orders must be submitted on a business purchase order form with an order number. Please either fax, mail or email your order directly to the factory. If both faxing and mailing make sure both copies are marked do not duplicate. Please include your complete address, contact name, phone, fax number and a shipping address with a phone number.

  • FAX TO: 978 448 6602.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

For a copy of the current Price List Click Here - Download the Retail Price List

Credit Terms

Terms of Payment are NET 30 DAYS to qualified accounts only. To apply for open credit, we require an opening order to be over our minimum of $3,750 retail, consisting of at least 3 mirrors.

Minimum requirements to establish open credit:

  • A Lyons rating of 1 or 2
  • Otherwise please send us five (5) trade references and one (1) bank reference including fax and account numbers
  • Until credit is established, prepayment must accompany all orders prior to production.